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Type S ProSeries Lighting Kit kit

TYPE S and Formula DRIFT have teamed up to develop a premium car underglow kit for pros, amateurs, and everyday drivers alike. The Pro Series TYPE S Formula DRIFT Exterior Smart LED Lighting Kit (PSL Kit) is the new standard for professional app-controlled vehicle LED lighting. With the unique double-row LED design, heat-resistant materials, and weatherproof smart hubs, the PSL Kit will withstand the rigors of any track or road. Control lighting effects wirelessly through the TYPE S LED app.

For the first time ever, Formula DRIFT has teamed up with TYPE S to develop a new standard for professional vehicle LED lighting with the TYPE S Formula DRIFT Pro Series Smart LED Exterior Lighting Kit. Featuring a unique double-row LED design to create a bright and vibrant underglow experience, simple app-control use for wireless customization, and an easy-to-install lighting kit that is durable and heat-resistant, you will not be disappointed.

The kit comes with two 24" RGB LED strips, two 60" LED strips, one 36" Red LED strip, one 130" extension cable, as well as an assortment of cable ties, mounting screws, and adhesion promoters. What's more, you get the benefit of the TYPE S branding via decal. The underflow strips we ship with this product contain over three hundred individual LEDs and have gone through a unique design process. TYPE S engineers were eager to partner with Formula DRIFT to create this special RGB lighting kit geared towards modders and auto enthusiasts, so the resulting design is durable, taking any weather conditions that you might encounter. The LEDs also demonstrate a secure mounting technology that keeps it attached, regardless of how intense your driving gets.

The lighting kit comes complete with Android and iOS compatibility. You can design the lighting patterns yourself, giving you unique control over the patterns and designs. Convenient Bluetooth connectivity means that you can control the lights up to thirty feet away once you have a line of sight to the vehicle. We also ensured that the battery power was sufficient; with a total draw of 50W (4A), you'll be confident that this kit won't drain your battery unnecessarily. Pick yours up while supplies last. Hardcore modding kits like this rarely stick around for long!

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